Rare Essence Natural Hair Studio
The Premier Natural Hair Studio in Arizona!

Rare Essence Natural Hair Studio is a natural hair studio that specializes in natural hair care, braids, locs, and hair twists. We are Arizona’s premier natural hair care studio located in Tempe, AZ with over 20 years of experience in hair braids, hair locs, and twists. All members of our staff are natural hair care professionals and experts in the field of natural hair care and possess the talent and artistic flair needed to bring out the natural essence in each individual’s hair through braids, locs, or twists. We can assure our clients in Arizona a renewed sense of self, confidence, and style with every work-of-art we create on your hair.

As a pioneer in the field of natural hair care, we have developed sound natural hair care techniques through time and experience that make our clients more than satisfied with their hair braids, locs,  and twists. So call us at 480-967-2766 and book an appointment today with any of our natural hair care artists and discover your rare essence within. Experience how we take care of your natural hair and watch its rare beauty shine through.CONTACT US TODAY!

Our varied clientele can attest to the quality of our work, as we have catered to both locals of Arizona and visiting clients. From NFL players, hip-hop artists, and the average every day superstar our work can be seen everywhere.