Meet Essence China

The essence of perseverance, from trials to triumphs, stands an entrepreneur that has made her destiny a reality. With the spirit of unshakeable faith and mentality that did not understand mediocrity, Miss Essence China set out to naturalize an empire of greatness. Now, fifteen years and two hair studios later, Essence has founded Rare Essence Studio, a hair studio that has proven its credibility of immensity.


Born and raised right here in the valley, Essence exercised tenacity throughout her entire career; she was doing hair from the inside of her home, but believed through faith she would one day have her own hair studio. At the tender age of fifteen, Essence developed a passion to enhance the natural beauty in people and in their hair. Falling in love with the texture and body of natural hair, she embodied individualism and was able to exhort and encourage people to embrace their natural selves. As the years progressed, Essence attended several schools, pursuing a variety of subjects, including nursing. All the while perfecting her passion for natural hair. Born an enterprising person, Essence was already an entrepreneur in her own right. Between school and work, she was still a full time hairstylist. Essence never grasped the concept of complacent; good enough never settled well with her in-pursuit spirit. She knew her purpose was to do more than “just have a job.” Essence worked twenty-five hour days to get where she believed she was called to be, an entrepreneur whose vision went far beyond her then reality. A profitable and professional hairstylist since the age of seven-teen, with loyal clientele to concur, Essence has always been in pursuit of purpose. Ready to make a significant contribution to the natural hair industry, Essence first had to break barriers of what seem to be the inevitable. However, driven by faith and unbreakable determination, her passion for natural hair prompted her to do the unthinkable.


In 2004, Essence made history in the state of Arizona, by lobbying the Senate Bill 1159, Essence Farmer vs. State Board of Cosmetology. Essence actions, allowed all natural hairstylists to be exempt from having to obtain the same license as cosmetologist in the state of Arizona. Essence not being fan of chemicals, saw a cosmetology license compromising to the love she had for natural hair, and refused to take that route. With the Institute of Justice in agreement, Essence’s courage to move a milestone permitted Arizona to capitalize its practice of natural hair. Now, thanks to Essence’s bravery and relentless faith, natural hairstylists are free from the normality’s of the state board. Over the next three years, Essence continued to do what she had mastered her entire life, which was hair and being a proactive business woman. Nevertheless, she decided it was time to make her ownership mentality tangible. In May of 2006 at the age of twenty-five, Essence opened the doors to Rare Essence Studio, and the journey to building her empire had begun.


Essence, now an owner of a hair studio, has been able to take her passion for natural hair to another level; she has made an impact on hair trends across the state of Arizona. She has aspired to inspire and empower personal growth, beauty, and knowledge, all from behind the chair. Essence has made good on her word to live a natural lifestyle, she has developed characteristic traits that has not only availed her to be a better stylist, but a better person as well. Essence is also a prolific poet and authentic musician, which aids her to have a stronger connection, not only with her clients, but also with the community. Rare Essence Studio, itself, has also had an impact on her clients, with its organic setting; the studios have allowed and encouraged people to be comfortable in their own skin.


Within five years of the studio’s opening, Rare Essence has been featured in several publications including Essence Magazine and won 1st place in a Natural Hair Competition in Atlanta. The results of this along with skill and desire Essence carried for her business and natural hair granted her the opportunity to open a second hair studio in 2012. In just six short years, Rare Essence Studio has expanded in its growth in location and clientele. Essence has definitely seen her dreams and vision come into fruition. Though her journey is far from complete, Essence is doing what she is called to do; by changing the world one lock, braid, and twist at a time.