Is the Big chop necessary to transition?

In order to transition you must know that eventually all the relaxed ends have to go! You do not have to big chop you can transition over time wearing natural styles and trimming your ends periodically until you are left with a head full of beautiful natural hair.

Do you provide straightening services?

Rare Essence studio specializes in working with hair in its natural state and we do not offer those services but we can refer you.

Locs vs. Dreads

They are essentially the same thing just different terminology, “dreads” is a derogatory term that was used by slave masters in reference to our hair appearing “dreadful”. We at Rare Essence refer to them as “Locs” whether groomed, free formed, cultivated or not . They are all beautiful Locs and we embrace them all.

Will I be able to shampoo my locs?

Yes after you start your Locs, your follow -up appt will be within 4 weeks (depending on the method used to start your locs) in which we will either do a scalp cleanse or shampoo. During the beginning stages we recommend that we shampoo your hair to maintain the integrity of your locs. Once your hair is fully loc’ed you can shampoo as desired.

If I still have relaxer on my hair can I Loc it?

The relaxer would need to be cut off to start your locs once your hair is chemically processed is permanently altered and that hair will not coil tight enough to loc.

Loc Information

Deciding to grow Locs is a commitment that requires patience, perseverance, and self-confidence. This is not an overnight look, but a process that may test you at times. If you embrace this journey as a
learning experience and grow with your Locs you will be amazed at the outcome. There are several stages in locking and below is a breakdown to help you better understand this process.

Stage 1: Starter Locs

You have either started with comb twist, 2-strand twist, or some other
method. These twist will generally have a silky appearance and may
require a light holding spray to maintain the twist. The size of the
twist will begin to fluctuate as they transform to Locs.

Stage 2: Teen Locs

During this stage you will begin to otice the “budding” begin to take place. It may feel like a pea in a pod about midway through the Loc. It also may appear that you are losing length because the Locs have begun to draw up and swell. You will also experience some shedding which is normal.

Stage 3:

The process has moved from the bud down to the end of the Loc. You may notice balls forming on the ends and frizz (no worries this is temporary). It will begin to Loc back upward toward the scalp. Note there will always be a portion of hair which is not locked (new growth).

Stage 4:

Finally your Locs have matured. This should be anywhere from 12-18 months depending upon length texture and method you to start your
Locs. By this time your Locs are laying correct and not all over the place. They should be fairly solid in comparison to your starter locs and not to mention much longer.

How to care for your new loc's?

We here at Rare Essence Studio believe that an educated client is an empowered client. So here are some things to know in further assisting you in your journey. Depending upon method used to start your locs we will be scheduling your follow-up appointment which will include a scalp cleanse or shampoo and retightening of your locs with-in 2-4 wks. Understand that locs are a process not and overnight look, We encourage you to grow with your locs and enjoy every stage. Tie your hair down at night with a silk scarf preferably or a du-rag ….avoid cotton wraps (they tend to suck out the moisture). You may oil scalp and use light oil sheen.